Atlantic City in 1897

Welcome to Skulk of Foxes

The interest in family history began with on a tour bus following the Dnieper River leading into Kyiv, Ukraine, in 1990. It was the view from the bus window, lush and green with bridges across the river, that reminded Harry Fox of the West River Drive, along the Schuylkill River, leading into Philadelphia, which sparked a desire to know where his family came from.

A Skulk of Foxes was developed by Harry Fox to document the family histories of different branches of the family and contains the histories, family trees, and photographs of the ancestors and relatives of Harry Fox and Benjamin Edward Fox.

Family History

The family history is loosely grouped into sections by the family patriarch or by subject, as with the many hotels owned by the Fishman and Stein extended family members.

The Fishman, Stein, and Dietz History grew out of a series of interviews with Celia Dietz, recorded in 1994 by Harry Fox, preparing for her 90th birthday.

The Witlin History owes its primary authorship to Robert Witlin, who narrated and documented the family history, and Frankie Moses, who edited and added much to the Witlin Family Reunion history on November 30th, 1991.

The Fox history is full of historic family photographs and stories about the family history.

The Demske and Parish history owes much to old family photographs, stories, and research tools on Ancestry.com for accurate information.

Scope of the Site

A skulk of Foxes traces the history of the ancestors of Harry and Benjamin Fox up until the early 1960s since the focus of the site is to trace the early years of our great great great grandparents history in the United States.

Begin Your Journey

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Fishman / Stein

A history of Henry and Mary Fishman and their family, including Clara (Fishman) Stein.

The Hotels

Mary Fishman and her daughters and granddaughters owned or ran many hotels in Atlantic City, West Palm Beach, FL, and Miami Beach, FL.

Dietz History

The Dietz History began with Mena Dietz and moved on to her son, Harry’s marriage to Celia Stein and their family.

Witlin History

The Witlin history begins with John and Rose Witlin and their descendants.

Fox History

The Fox History begins with Louis and Anna Fox and their descendants.

Demske History

A history of the ancestors of Benjamin Fox on Debra Demske’s side of the family.

Family Tree

The family tree is a beginning effort at capturing the family.